All money will be virtual in the future according to Scott Melker


If crypto-currencies and Blockchain technology have achieved anything, it has been to demonstrate to governments around the world that it is possible to create entirely virtual currencies. This is why the major powers of the world are already developing their own virtual government currencies. This leads market analyst Scott Melker to say in today’s Tweet that all money will be virtual in the future, which will benefit Bitcoin:

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Virtual money is the future
There is no doubt that the governments of the world do not like Crypto Cash currencies. On several occasions, leaders of the major powers have expressed their rejection of Bitcoin and the other cryptoactives. They have even banned their use as money on several occasions. This does not prevent all governments from being aware of the need to handle the Blockchain technology.

Thus, for countries like China, Russia and the United States, the training of experts in blockchain has become a national priority. In an attempt to gain an advantage over other countries in the International System. Launching innovative products such as virtual government currencies before their rivals, with all the economic and technological benefits that this entails.
For this reason, for crypto-influence Scott Melker, all money will be virtual in the near future, something that will greatly benefit Bitcoin. Because, according to the analyst, the end of cash and the total digitalization of money will lead to the end of privacy in financial operations. This will push millions of people to resort to crypto-currency as a mechanism to maintain their privacy from the government.

„Almost all money will be virtual in the very near future. Once the central banks move away from cash, privacy will be extinguished and people will flock to Bitcoin. This is our way.

If Melker is right about the virtual future of money. We can expect that the adoption of cryptomonies will gradually increase in the years to come. This will benefit not only Bitcoin, but the entire crypto market.